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A testimony worth sharing

The story of the Browns

Meet Luciana

Prophetess, Intercessor, Mentor and Trainer

Luciana Brown is a graduate of Barton College in Wilson, NC; where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. She has served half of her life helping others, especially in the area of disabilities, encouragement, and intercession. Luciana is a member of Truth Gatherer's Dream Center where she serves on the prophetic intercessory team. She has had years of experience training and leading others in the prophetic and intercession. Luciana has received and completed many trainings and teaching in the prophetic under various leaders and count it blessing. She has been confirmed by many as a prophetess who walks in godly character and integrity. Her desire is to see the body of Christ grow in the full purpose of God. Join her on Facebook or Youtube at 9am EST each Friday for prayer as she intercedes for men and families.


What I Specialize In

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Biblical Counseling


Prophetic and Intercession Training

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Who We Are

Back to God's Original Plan

Restore My Treasures LLC is a spiritual organization that offers excellent resources through training believers in the body of Christ in prophetic intercession, marriage and healing. Our sessions open the door to hear the voice of the Lord clearer for the healing of the body, mind, soul. These sessions are provided in group webinars or individually. Our mission is about restoring families back to God's original plan according to Genesis 1:31 (KJV) And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

We believe strongly in the permanency of marriage. We have a true understanding that God hates divorces and wants every person to be with their covenant spouse according to the word of God. Please sign up for a 30 free minute consolation to see if we are right for you. We also offer payment plans if our payments options are a challenge

Group training will be announced and posted periodically. We are about serving and truly lead by the Holy Ghost. Contact us for more information. RMT is not a non-profit organization, gifts that are given can not be claimed as a tax deduction. However all seeds will be used for building of the Kingdom of God.

"This is good ground! Luciana is incredibly anointed and has a sincere heart. Her intercessory trainings have taken my prayer life to a whole new level. Prepare to hear the voice of the Lord clearer and see transformation occur at higher levels when you come into agreement with this woman of God."

- Marcia B.

"Luciana has helped me so much in my spiritual walk; both in trusting God and in hearing His voice. If you are looking for an intercessor, mentor, counselor, or spiritual coach, she is all that and more. She has a genuine interest in each person she works with, and you can feel that when you speak to her. She is a true Woman of God and a blessing to all she serves. Thank you, Luciana!"

- Molly B.

“Restore my treasures, wins lost souls find refuge, guidance and encouragement. This ministry is so open and free to do God’s will. This husband and wife team, work together in unity and harmony. The prayers are anointed and heals. I’m blessed to have met the both of them and can’t wait to see all of the things God releases them to do for His kingdom. Thank you Browns."

-  Tab P.

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