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Softback book

I'm Not In Remission I'm Healed also comes with free booklet "Confessions for healing," by Kieth and Megan Provance

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I am not in Remission, I'm Healed and Healing booklet

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  •  Luciana Brown gives step by step instructions of how during prayer the Holy Spirit directed her in the process of healing and deliverance. Confirmation and breakthrough is throughout this whole book! One can experience healing instantly or gradually but through the process you will receive more than just healing of a disease. God provides instructions in all things that will allow you to know him as as Jehovah Elohim; My Lord, My Creator. The instructions of the Lord not only healed her body, but delivered her from the spirit of adultery that had been in her bloodline for years. Believe God to not just be in “Remission, but to be completely Healed! Discover God in a whole new way!